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Atlas Health Australia

Australia's Premiere Upper Cervical Practice

Specific & Focused Neurostructural Correction

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'Start Your Journey Back to Health'

Atlas Health - Whole Body Healthcare

25 Years in Practice

Embark on your path to wellness with Australia's top Blair Upper Cervical Doctor.


We adopt a holistic approach to your healing, prioritising attentive listening and compassionate care. Our focus is on a team effort for your well-being and longevity, with our doctor deeply committed to your healing journey and overall quality of life.


Our goal at Atlas Health Brisbane is to optimise the body's master control system. This is achieved by aligning the upper neck, which serves as the connection between the brain and the body. Our mission is to offer hope and healing daily, improving people's quality of life. Holistically looking at all areas of your life, health and lifestyle. Our vision is for every Australian community to embrace upper cervical care as a fundamental element in realising their full potential in life.

Atlas Health delivers healthcare services surpassing those of traditional chiropractic practices. Our doctor conducts comprehensive assessments with extended appointment times for all initial consultations.

We treat many disorders including, Upper extremities, Immune system disorder, Digestive disorders, Cardiovascular disorders, Head disorder, Development nervous system disorders, Balance disorder, Health conditions back, Pain disorders, Fibromyalgia, Neck pain disorders, TMJ disorder, Lower extremities condition lumbosacral, Pelvic thoracic and Ribs neck disorder.


We are located 20 minutes from Brisbane, Queensland and offer flexible opening hours so you can fit your appointment in your day without problems.



For all the different types headaches and migraines, it's the upper part of your neck that could be causing it. 



Because your upper neck affects your brain, it can cause major problems anywhere in your body.  



Neck pain and shoulder pain can be signs of a bigger health problem that affects the spinal cord in your neck. 

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Disorders that affect the Trigeminal Nerve are some of the most horrific conditions known to human kind.



Vertigo and dizziness are often major indicators that something is truly wrong with your neck. 



Back pain is one of the most common conditions to affect people, but it doesn’t always come from the back.

Atlas Health Australia is an Upper Cervical Chiropractic clinic, providing services Australia wide.

At Atlas Health, we break away from the traditional chiropractic approach. Unlike the majority of chiropractors across Australia, we offer specific Upper Cervical care, which differs from traditional medicine, physical therapy, and general chiropractic practices. Upper Cervical doctors utilise precise and objective spinographs or X-rays of the head and neck to analyse misalignments in the top vertebrae. Through detailed measurements and analysis, we determine the exact misalignments and prescribe the appropriate course of action.

The Blair Technique is unique among Upper Cervical and other full-spine chiropractic methods in that it is a custom-tailored adjustment. Every person’s anatomy is different, even on the left and right sides of their bodies. For this reason, in the Blair Technique, we must determine what your own bone structure by using a specialised series of x-rays because if we don’t know what your normal is, there’s no way we can know what your “abnormal” is.” With this information, we are able to perform a highly specific “torqued” adjustment with an exceptionally light amount of force. A drop mechanism in the headpiece allows for a small vibration, which we believe allows the atlas, axis, and other cervical vertebra to “reset” themselves without having to manipulate the bones into place. The correction is performed by hand, and there is no cracking and zero rotation of the head.

Atlas Health delivers healthcare services surpassing those of traditional chiropractic practices. Our doctor conducts comprehensive assessments with extended appointment times for all initial consultations.

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