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About Sciatica

What is Sciatica? and How Sciatica Responds to Upper Cervical Chiropractic Treatment

Understanding Sciatica

How long have you or your loved one been putting up with sciatica? How severely is it affecting your daily life? You ability to sit? Your ability to sleep? Your ability to work? Your ability to drive? Your ability to even stand up straight?

If you are like most people who suffer from sciatica, you’ve probably dealt with the problem for a long time! On the other hand, it isn’t like you haven’t been looking for answers. You’ve probably been down the usual routes in the usual order: the ED, your GP, a physiotherapist, massage therapist, chiropractic, and back specialist, but you’re still dealing with the problem!

How can that be so? What is actually going on? It can’t just be bulging discs!

If you are still looking for answers and a natural solution to help your sciatica, here is where an alternative approach may be able to help you … one that you may never have considered before as the underlying cause of your sciatica in the first place: your upper neck!


Lower Back Pain

Natural Help for Lower Back Pain?


"I’ve tried everything for my lower back pain but nothing’s worked.” Have you considered that your lower back pain could be related to a problem in your upper neck?

Like many people, you will likely agree that all parts of the body are connected. And that you can have pain in one area of your body - like lower back pain - but that the actual problem is coming from somewhere else.

So let’s ask again: have you looked at your upper neck to see if a problem there might be related to your lower back pain? It is estimated that 80% of the human population will experience at least one significant episode of lower back pain in their lifetime.

Often times, the diagnostic tests and treatment focus on X-rays, CTs and MRIs of the lower back, including muscles, ligaments, disc bulges, joint swelling, arthritis or slippages (known as spondylolisthesis)

However, you may not be aware that there is actually little correlation between the amount of damage that a person has in their lower back and lower back pain.


About Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis Problems

Can Cervical Spondylosis be cured permanently?

Understanding Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is a fancy medical word for “degenerative arthritis of the neck.”

… But what does that mean? Is it just because you’re getting older? Does it mean there’s nothing you can do about it? Does it mean that your health is going to get worse? Is it dangerous?

I once did an assessment for a 75 year old lady, who started to experience nasty headaches 6 months earlier. She had a few tests done, and the diagnosis came back as cervical spondylosis. And then someone, whose opinion she trusted told her that her problem was the arthritis in her neck and that there was nothing she could do about it and the only solution was to take painkillers for the rest of her life.

(I’m not joking or exaggerating. This happened in 2018!) I was utterly HORRIFIED and comprehensively reject everything that this person told her!!


Common Conditions

We offer way more...


For all the different types headaches and migraines, it's the upper part of your neck that could be causing it. 


Because your upper neck affects your brain, it can cause major problems anywhere in your body.  


Neck pain and shoulder pain can be signs of a bigger health problem that affects the spinal cord in your neck. 


Disorders that affect the Trigeminal Nerve are some of the most horrific conditions known to human kind.


Vertigo and dizziness are often major indicators that something is truly wrong with your neck. 


Back pain is one of the most common conditions to affect people, but it doesn’t always come from the back.

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