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New Patient Consultation - Deposit

New Patient Consultation - Deposit


It's wonderful to see your proactive attitude towards your health journey. Once payment is made, you will receive some initial information to review. Subsequently, we will reach out to you to schedule your first appointment and provide more detailed information about your initial visit.


Please allow up to 2 hours duration for your first appointment:


  • Initial scans.
  • Physical and neurological examinations.
  • Upper cervical spine x-rays.
  • Adjustment


The next available appointment will be emailed to you or we will give you a call direcly to organise. 


To secure your first consultation, payment of $200 deposit is required. We can then secure your appointment preference and send additonal information for your first visit. 


Thereafter, as an Atlas patient, a standard appointment can be made and are usually around 15 minutes for ongoing adjustments.

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