Fire your Doctor!

Two weeks ago, we had an 80 year old lady reach out to us looking for an upper cervical chiropractor in North Lakes. In brief, she had been experiencing migraines for the past month. Even though she’d experienced neck discomfort and headaches for a long period of time the migraines were a new thing for […]


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What 77% of People with TMJ Problems Need to Know

This is Part 2 of this article about TMJ problems and the role that Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care plays in helping people find relief from grinding, clenching, clicking and jaw pain. To return to Part 1, please click the link below. Part 1 – The Easy Diagnosis Tip to know the Type of TMJ […]


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TMJ Disorders – An Easy, at-home Diagnosis Tip

Are Your Suffering a TMJ Disorder? Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ disorders or TMD is not actually a single condition. TMJ disorders represent a category of conditions caused by a number of potential factors that ultimately cause jaw problems. In this article (and elaborated in additional articles) I want to give you a quick diagnosis tip […]


A Safe, Natural Relief Option for Neck Pain

Neck pain, also called cervicalgia is an extremely common problem for most people. In fact, it is estimated that two-thirds of people suffer from neck pain at some point in their lives. The percentage of people suffering from neck pain around the world in 2010 was a total of 5%. Even though the pain is […]


“Busy” is a 4-Letter Word

“Busy” is a 4-Letter Word Towards the end of 2018, I noticed a pattern whenever I asked people how they were doing. “Busy,” was the standard reply. It was so common that I threatened to start a swear jar every time people described their lives as “busy.” Why? Because “busy” is a 4-letter word! It’s become a badge of […]


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Neck Pain & Mobile Phones

Are you taking care of your neck? If you use a smart phone but aren’t taking care of your neck already, you should probably start now! Why? Your body isn’t designed to be stooping forwards all day! Your body is designed so that your head stays over top of your shoulders. And your head weighs […]


Save Money on Care this Year

Yes, it’s that time again for the annual price adjustment where we tweak and streamline the existing process so that we can remain viable into 2020. But this year – believe it or not – we’re actually making a few changes that give the majority of you the opportunity for a price reduction! Say what?! […]


Dr Jeff’s Personal Blog #3 – Kill Facebook! What will be Different for You in 2019?

I’m writing this blog on a day that does not exist … at least not for me. Literally, I am writing this blog on our return flight from Chicago, which left the USA at 730pm on the 30th of December 2018. Because we will soon cross the international date line, it will mean that the […]


Giving Thanks – From Natalie

(FYI … This is Natalie’s First Blog!) As most of our regular clients know, Dr Jeff loves Christmas.  We have two Christmas trees at home and lights at the front and back of our house, which have been up since early November.  I love Thanksgiving…I love that there’s no fuss, no gifts, just a sit down […]



Top Ten Natural Care Options for Treating Vertigo

Vertigo is a symptom associated with multiple kinds of vestibular disorders and other health conditions.  People who have vertigo episodes may feel dizzy, as if they are spinning, whirling, tilting, swaying, or off-balance.  Vertigo can also include headaches, migraines, changes in hearing, nausea, and abnormal movement of the eyes. If you are experiencing vertigo and […]