Your First Visit

What you can expect from your first visit with Atlas Health, you will have answers for each of the following four questions.

  1. What is the problem?
  2. Can we help you?
  3. How long will it take?
  4. How much will it cost?

In total, expect your first visit with Atlas Health to be approximately 90 minutes.

Health History & Assessment


To find out what is wrong, we will first ask you your health history. Rather than have you fill out a ton of paperwork, we prefer to ask you questions directly and listen to your story in your own words.

After that, we will have a better idea where to start. We will then perform a thorough physical and neurological assessment of your condition. We will also explain the findings of each test and what it means for you.

If necessary, we will also perform an x-ray exam to see exactly what is happening with your body beneath the surface. We don’t play guessing games with your health (FYI: we use Upper Cervical precision, digitial x-rays, which use less radiation than conventional x-rays).

After completing your examination, we will have a clearer picture of your condition and how we may be able to help you.

One Step at a Time …

No two people are identical. Moreover, no two people’s conditions are identical. Some people respond to care faster, others slower. Ultimately, it depends on what you want. Do you just want a quick-fix patch, or do you actually want to correct the problem?

Many people may feel better within a few weeks after starting care. However, that does not always mean that the underlying problem is fixed. It is like putting a tarp over a leaky ceiling instead of fixing the roof … or like filling a pothole instead of re-paving the road.

Patchwork alone leads to re-injury down the track, usually worse than the first time. Like dentistry, to fix a problem often takes work over a period of time. On one end of the scale is a person with a simple injury, who may take only 1-2 months to recover. On the opposite end of the scale is a person with a complex problem, who may require care for 2 years.

… at a Pace That is Comfortable for You

Although it does take a bit of additional effort, correcting the problem instead of just patching it makes a big difference … and it usually saves you lots of time and money in the long term as well. Before the end of your first visit, we will provide you a written report and estimate (which is usually pretty darn accurate) for the length and cost of care that you require.

One way or another, to the best of our ability, we will let you know what we believe is the most appropriate care recommendations for you. To reiterate our practice philosophy, it is to tell our patients exactly what they need, and then to give them cheerfully exactly what they want.

We will also provide you flexible payment options including PAYG adjustments or monthly payment options. We have Eftpos with Healthpoint for instant private health rebates, and we do accept Visa and Mastercard.