Ear Infections

Can Upper Cervical Care Help with Ear Infections?

Not only are ear infections traumatic experiences for young children, they are terrible ordeals from mums and dads who, despite their best efforts, feel helpless seeing their children in pain. It is the shape of their ear canal makes kids susceptive to inner ear infections. In an adult, the Eustachian Tube (which drains the ear) is pointed upward making it more difficult for dirt and other particles to become entrapped. In young children, however, the tube is pointed downward, which makes it much easier for it to become inflamed.

In order to develop a healthy brain and immune system, infants and young children need to be exposed to a variety of things in the environment that can cause them to feel unwell. In Europe, Canada and the USA, it has been considered bad medical practice to prescribe antibiotics for ear infections in children. Simply put, it is because they seldom work and only contribute towards superinfections. It is shocking that this practice is still considered routine in Australia.

If you are like most people, you want to know if there is a natural alternative to resolving ear infections. There are two solutions. One, you probably already know: i.e., make sure that the ear is allowed to drain with gentle drops to loosen wax and other debris. The second you make not know: and that is making sure that the joints in the upper neck are properly aligned.

A Natural Solution – The Role of the Upper Neck in Ear Infections

The C1, C2 and C3 vertebrae in the neck have a profound impact on the part of the brain that controls the tension of the muscle that controls the Eustachian tube … and also on the part of the brain that coordinates the immune system. If your child has a misalignment of these vertebrae – possibly from a fall or having too much fun – or possibly from a trauma during the birthing process – it can exert tension on the brainstem and interrupt the function of the nerves that go to the inner ear.

When they are exposed to the stuff in the environment that they are supposed to, their immune system is not able to process the pathogens properly. Thus, they develop an ear infection … or series of ear infections that don’t resolve even after multiple courses of antibiotics.

Many people believe that Upper Cervical Care is only for adults. This is simply not the case. Misalignments of the upper vertebrae in the spine can happen to people of all ages. Ideally, it is best (and easier) to catch these problems when they are small so that they do not cause health problems later in life. One of the best things about Upper Cervical care is that it is a safe and gentle approach that can work even for newborns.

Have You Tried Upper Cervical Care to Help Your Ear Infections?

Dr Jeffrey Hannah is an Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractor. He is certified in the Blair technique, which does not require any twisting, cracking or manipulation of the neck. He has seen patients nearly 100 years old and patients as young as a few days old.

If you or your child is suffering ear infections and you want a natural solution, be certain that their upper neck is properly aligned by an Upper Cervical Doctor today.

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