How Long Will It Take To Get Better?

How Long Will it Take?

There is no simple answer to this question. However, there are three guidelines or Rules of Healing that determine how long it will take and how much work is required for you to get better.

Rule #1: The Rule of Symptom Relief – You should notice some degree of significant improvement within 6 weeks of starting care.


Like going on a diet or starting an exercise program, you don’t lose 10Kg in just a couple of days. Even at the end of 6 weeks it does not mean that things will be 100% perfect. Much of it depends how well you are able to do the necessary things so that your body can heal.

Certainly, I prefer rapid change myself. However, the fact is that change happens one step at a time. There are no shortcuts.

Chiropractic is not a cure for any disease or ailment. It is an approach to ensure health and proper body functioning.

Rule #2: The Rule of Body Healing – Your body needs 1 month to heal for every 1 year that you have had an underlying condition.

There is a difference between symptom relief and healing. Symptoms usually subside pretty quickly. Tissue repair and healing takes longer.

This rule is true even if the underlying condition (ie, spinal misalignment) has not been causing you any grief previously. In fact, people usually suffer an injury 10-15 years prior to the onset of any major problems.

Loss of health is rarely due to a single event but is a process that has occurred over time. Conversely, healing is also a process that occurs over time.

Rule #3: The Rule of Adjusting Frequency – The first adjustment stays in place for only ~48 hours. However, as your body heals the adjustment should hold longer and longer.


Let me be clear: I do not like keeping anyone on a high-intensity schedule of care for long at all. I simply know that is what’s necessary to ensure that your body heals properly. As soon as you notice an improvment and that the adjustment is holding (which means that your body is healing), we can safely reduce the number of times you need to come for a checkup.

I will always give you my best recommendation so you know exactly what is necessary to get you well. However, I never want you (or anyone else) to ever feel pushed into accepting any more care than is comfortable for you. Therefore, we will always do things one step at a time at a pace that is comfortable for you.